New Generation Baptist Chruch

May 2023 Report

"Graduation Celebration"
Post Date: 5/31/2023
Author: Steve Puckett

Greetings from New Generation Baptist Church, Norman, Oklahoma. We are continuing in our outreach both in this community and around the world.

We recently had a graduation celebration here at our building for a family that we had ministered to for several years. The husband graduated as a Doctor in Native American Studies and is now teaching at Northern Arizona University. I think that he and his family will have many opportunities to minister on behalf of the Lord. We originally met them by knocking on their apartment door, years ago. They were very gracious and opened their home for a Bible study. We had several visitors attend the Bible study over the years in their apartment. One of my fondest memories of the visitors who came was Bro. Harold Hodges. He came to support and encourage us and he certainly did that.

Please pray for Bro. Chris! He’s been sick for several weeks, but is on the mend now. This is an excerpt from his monthly newsletter:

We are very thankful to the women of the WMA for their efforts to deep clean and decorate the church building. I believe Lynn and Melissa led the charge of updating and redecorating the interior of the building which has given the church a much-needed revitalization. It’s sure been a great encouragement to me to see the church building “freshened up” and that there are people that still care for the work of our little church, are still praying for us and supporting us and still trying to help the work of the Lord continue here in Norman. God bless you!

I don’t want to make this a long newsletter, so I won’t go into great detail here, but recently we have been able to extend our ministry with a Bible study in Kenya. Please pray for this effort and the Bible study in Noble, that God will be glorified.

We appreciate your continued support in our ministry. Thanks!

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