Youth Ministries

** Last updated from the 2021 Minute Book.


These Youth Ministry Guidelines are provided for reference only and are not official or binding. For the official Youth Ministry Guidelines please refer to the current Minute book of the Baptist Missionary Association of Oklahoma.

Article I - Name and Location

Section 1: The name of this religious organization shall be the BMA of Oklahoma Youth Ministries. Hereinafter reffered to as department.

Section 2: The principle address of the administrative affairs of the department shall be the residence of the duly elected secretary/treasurer of the committee of trustees.

Article II - Purpose and Membership

Section 1: the purpose of the department is to provide a Christian atmosphere of recreation, fellowship, Bible study, evangelism and worship for youth and adults ministered to by the churches associated with the Baptist Missionary Association of Oklahoma hereinafter referred to as member churches.

Article III - Administration

Section 1: The business of the department shall be administered by a committee of trustees as provided for in the Articles of Agreement of the BMA of Oklahoma.

Section 2: The committee of trustees by signatures of its chairman and treasurer shall be empowered to receive and hold title and manage real and other properties, to convey title, and to make mortgage and contract.

Section 3: By majority vote, the committee of trustees shall provide annually for a chairman whose duties shall be to preside over all board meetings and a secretary-treasurer whose duties shall be to record and provide for all proceedings of its official meetings and to receive and disburse all monies.

Section 4: A majority of trustees shall constitute a quorum.

Article IV - Amendments

Amendments to the provisions of this charter may be made by majority vote of messengers present at any annual session of the BMA of Oklahoma.

Additional Provision

From the 2013 Minute Book, Page 42.

As part of the Youth Department Report and Recommendations.

Recommendation #3 states:

Each of the recommendations of the Camp Trustees were voted on and all passed.

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