New Generation Baptist Chruch

June 2023 Report

"The power of God sustains us and empowers us to persevere"
Post Date: 6/30/2023
Author: Steve Puckett

Praise God, Brother Chris got over his sickness and below is an excerpt from his monthly newsletter:

Greetings to you from New Generation!  We may not be a big church, a tiny one actually, but mighty because the power of God sustains us and empowers us to persevere.  We may not have grown into a large Oak Tree yet, but we might be like a tough little perennial plant like a Nandina that withstands harsh conditions and finds a way to endure through all of the seasons. 

Lately I’m encouraged by the efforts of a longtime member of our church, the husband of a lady who I have known for 10 years all the way back to Mission Norman.  He is a huge man standing at 6’8”, but he’s like big teddy bear with a tender heart.  Back in 2020 he was hospitalized with COVID for over three months and nearly died!  But by God’s grace he made it through and as a result of God saving His life, He vowed to serve God with the rest of his life!  Since then he has attempted to lead several bible studies, including homeless outreach efforts.  I’ve seen some growth over the years since then and he has been faithfully attending an early morning men’s bible study on Wednesdays through the book of Matthew at New Generation.  Not only is he participating, he has been bringing his brother and a friend that he has been mentoring for a few years now.  How important it is for men to come together to encourage one another and fellowship together!  We have enjoyed studying the scripture and sharing insights with one another each Wednesday morning at the church building.  We very much appreciate your support both prayerfully and financially as we continue to endeavor to fulfill the great commission in Norman and beyond, by proclaiming the gospel and making disciples! 

We are in the process of some big changes and hope to be able to announce those soon. We appreciate your continued support in our ministry. Thanks! 

New Generation Baptist Church
Luis & Melissa Santos
(832) 513-3505 
724 Fairway Drive 
Norman, OK 73069

Sunday Worship - 10:30am SUN
Bible Study - 7:30pm WED
Prayer service - 7:30pm FRI

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