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Greetings again from Norman, Oklahoma. The home of New Generation Baptist Church (mission). Well, I guess I spoke too soon in last month’s report about the decline in Covid. My wife and I were both exposed to it by a pastor and his wife at a recent ordination service. The ordination service was great but, not the exposure to Covid. The service was for a young man that my wife and I had the opportunity to minister to years ago. He is currently a youth minister, but I expect sometime in the future that he will be a pastor. It’s always encouraging to see others follow their commitment to Christ as they follow him into ministry.  

We continue to see additional professions of faith. That is always exciting to me as we see the Lord continue to work. That will light your fire. If your wood is wet, it’s hard to start the fire. Let brother Chris or I know if we can help with evangelism training for you or in your church. We hope to help you light your fire. 

Chris has been a busy young man as his report below indicates below:

We continue to ask for your prayers for wisdom and guidance for Steve, Lynn, and the doctors involved, and for peace, certainty, and success with the selected treatment and for total healing in Steve’s body! 

Here at the mission we have recently had the opportunity to proclaim the gospel and train others not only in Norman but abroad as well!  For example, in June I was blessed to teach evangelism in Mexico with a school started by South Korean missionaries! Nathan Lee, a colleague of mine in the Evangelism Explosion ministry just went down to be a missionary at this school in Chiapas, the southernmost state in Mexico, and he invited me down to help train parents, teachers and students with the help of Diana, our translator.  12 Individuals were trained and 5 people prayed to receive Christ in our evangelism efforts!  Also, Carlos, one of the parents who was trained invited us into his home for tacos and tostadas and he is already planning for his church to get trained in evangelism as well!  When I got back from Norman I was able to talk with Carlos Caceres from the Spanish church, Good Shepherd Baptist, and schedule bilingual training in his church at the end of the month.  And of course we are very thankful for Melissa and Luis and their ministry that continues in our church.  God seems to be doing a work among Spanish speaking peoples!   

We are also continuing evangelism training in our church with at least 7 people committing to be trained in evangelism over the next 7 weeks, including Lee, the lady from Taiwan that has been attending services, and Jeff and Sue Coles who have been taking on increased leadership roles in the bible study at food shelter on Monday mornings and some of the discipleship training on Tuesdays when I was in Mexico.  They continue to have a heart for the downtrodden folks here in Norman and which we are very thankful for. 

As always, thank you for your support financially and prayerfully. May God bless you in your journey as you minister to others! Remember you are a missionary in your part of the world.

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