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Greetings again from Norman, Oklahoma. We are continuing in our efforts to share the gospel both here and around the world, as we have opportunity. As Covid rears its ugly head again, we hear of more and more folks experiencing the devasting effects of this plague. We here at New Generation Baptist Church have been blessed not to have experienced these effects.  Our attendance both in the building and on-line seems to be holding steady. We of course would always like to have a greater attendance. We are missing our friend Jacque, who moved back to Iowa. She has been actively involved in New Generation for approximately 6-7 years. Please pray for her as she goes through this transition. 

Below is information taken from Chris’s monthly report. He has been a busy young man and we thank God for his service to the Church and Christ’s work. 

We continue to ask for your prayers for wisdom and guidance for Steve, Lynn, and the doctors involved, and for peace, certainty, and success with the selected treatment and for total healing in Steve’s body! 

We’re very thankful that Steve’s medical procedure last week was successful and we continue to pray for his complete healing! Praise God! 

Attendance for Sunday services has been over twenty the last two weeks, and attendance for the evening services seems to be up as well!  Maybe we can call this a boom in attendance, even with corona virus fears beginning to return with the delta variant.  God is still trying to get people’s attention, reminding them of their mortality and of course it is only in Christ where folks can find true assurance of salvation.   

So, we continue with our evangelism efforts trying to help people realize that they really can know for sure they’re going to heaven when they die!  Jamie, Lee, Jeff and I have been participating in evangelism training together on Wednesday nights.  Also, we have had some help from a few individuals from outside the church with our Wednesday night training and outreach.  A friend of mine, Chris Broyles, a meteorologist who works in storm prediction at the national weather center was trained in evangelism at our church back in May at the EE “Everyday Evangelism” launch.  And he has offered to help with our evangelism on Wednesdays and the church has enjoyed having him.  Also a Hispanic friend of mine, Joselyn, has also taken interest in EE training and joined our team as we shared the gospel this past Wednesday with 6 or 7 teenage boys at a park in Norman.  God is beginning to answer our prayers that He would send more workers into the harvest, but we need many more! Let us continue to pray fervently for a much needed “evangelism awakening” in the church in America! 

We praise God for his goodness.  If you know of any other people that you think might enjoy this newsletter, please send me their email address and I’ll try to send it to them. 

Sunday School – 9:30 am
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Evening Bible Study – 5:00 pm

Evening Bible Study (Family Reunion) – 7:30 pm