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Thanks for your continuing support of prayer and giving. We are trying to focus the ministry more on discipleship, but not to the exclusion of outreach and evangelism. I can see some definite growth in some of our folks as we move forward. We are slowly expanding our online presence through teaching and preaching on Zoom. 

Below is an excerpt from Chris’ monthly report: 

We continue see discipleship develop more and more at New Generation Baptist Church! Larry, for example, first received a dramatic wakeup call from the LORD through a truck accident on the highway at the beginning of the year which led to him starting to attend our church.  Now, he’s taking steps to get more serious in his relationship with the LORD!!  One step is to get trained in evangelism – Larry and I participated in an online EE (Evangelism Explosion) training event for two full days last Thursday and Friday that was live-streamed on the internet from the international headquarters in Arden, N.C.  Part of the training is to actually go out and share the gospel!  So Larry and I went to the mall in Norman to see if we could find someone that was open to hearing about the LORD.  To our pleasant surprise, the first person we talked to was a man named Ryan who recently moved to Norman from Purcell and was very open to talking about the LORD!  Ryan was already a Christian but he was inspired that we were out sharing our faith and there was an immediate bond with Ryan through the power of the Holy Spirit!  We invited Ryan to church, he came that Sunday and we really enjoyed getting to know him better! Please pray for Ryan!  He really wants to start becoming a part of our church, but he needs to find a job in Norman and find a place to stay! 

That same week my friend Alyson visited our church from Florida.  She is a second grade school teacher that I was introduced to by her father who is also an EE field worker.  I’m excited to grow in my friendship with Alyson, who really loves the LORD and has a heart for ministry and evangelism – and she also has a beautiful singing voice to go along with all of that!   

Please pray for all of us as we try to remain faithful to the LORD and His mission – “to seek and to save the lost”! 

Thank you for your continued support and the opportunity to serve the Lord and his people in Norman.

Sunday School – 9:30 am
Morning Service – 10:30 am
Evening Bible Study – 5:00 pm

Evening Bible Study (Family Reunion) – 7:30 pm