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As you all know things are difficult in all areas of life, including ministry. We continue our endeavors in discipleship and evangelism, just in different ways. Below Chris discusses some of what we are doing. 

Here are some excerpts from Chris’ report: 

In this last month we have launched online EE evangelism training after our evening service and have been encouraged that 10 people have participated in the class, learning how to share the gospel!  There have been 6 of us participating locally here in Oklahoma, and 4 others of our virtual, Zoom congregation in Arizona, Nevada, and Florida that are coming close to completing the course.  My friend James from South Dakota also joined us this past Sunday!  Maybe we should try to “make disciples of all states” – because we’re already 10% of the way there! I’m also encouraged that God is beginning to raise up young men in their early 20’s (James, Grady, and Josh) like the Apostle John writes: “I have written unto you, young men, because ye are strong, and the word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome the wicked one.” 1 John 2:14b.  All of these guys are growing stronger in the faith, but they need your prayers! 

James, 23, is a guy I met at church in the park where I heard his testimony.  For the last couple months he has been very faithful to attend Monday morning bible study at Food and Shelter for Friends, so I have become intentional to start taking him through a discipleship book to help nurture and grow his faith!  James is very intelligent with a lot of potential, and this past Monday he brought 2 other friends to join us for discipleship!  PTL!!!    

Grady is another young man that is only 22 years old who just became a Christian, but he is not wasting any time and has already decided to surrender his life to full-time ministry!  Right now we are getting him trained in evangelism through EE!  

Josh is younger still – only 20, but he is a very talented musician and very savvy with the computer to produce songs that sounds like the radio!  Praise the LORD that he’s using his gifts to bring glory to God and build up the church! 

Please pray for these guys!  They want to devote their lives to God, but there is no doubt they need much encouragement to overcome the allurements of the world at this young age!!  

Lastly, please pray for Jeff Coles, a long-time member of our church who recently fell victim to the Corona Virus!  Jeff has not handled the virus well and has had a long battle with it!  Today I believe his condition is improving, thankfully, but he definitely still needs our prayers!  

Thank you for your continued support and the opportunity to serve the Lord and his people in Norman.

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