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Greetings again from Norman, Oklahoma! We have had the privilege of representing Jesus Christ for another month and we have seen some more positive results which include the following: (Some of these are excerpts from Chris’s monthly report)


  • 2 New salvations!
    • Hope – we met her and her mom at Subway and she prayed to receive Christ in her home! We have begun a discipling process with her and her mother.
    • Kristen – another salvation on the way home from EE training in Lawton – she works at the Love’s, and despite resistance from her co-workers, she listened intently to the gospel and prayed at the checkout counter!
  • Discipleship opportunities!
    • Michelle received Christ last month and her friend Tammie also rededicated to the LORD at an event at Lexington Crossing where Melissa and Chris led praise and worship music.  This past week, Jacque, one of the ladies from our Church, and Chris met with these ladies at Starbucks and they are both interested in meeting weekly for discipleship!  God is at work!!
    • Kenzie – A gifted young girl from Chapel Ridge who we have known for some time now at the bible study is now the first from Chapel Ridge to attend a Sunday service.  Praise the LORD!
    • Steve, a manager from a local car service business, previously prayed to receive Christ and now I am meeting with him before work once a week.
    • We also are continuing in our discipleship of the lady with the Muslim background. She is very eager to learn. I spoke with Bro. Ashraf regarding this and he suggested that we start through the book of Luke, so that’s what we are doing. I’m happy to report that things are going well.
  • Also:
    • Back to school Movie night at Chapel Ridge Apartments where 17 were in attendance to watch “Woodlawn” including two moms! The bible study here continues to prosper.
    • Nancy, a lady from our church, will be leading the group at Chapel Ridge the next few weeks in Chris’s absence
    • Chris is now in Fiji at the D. James Kennedy leadership training facility with Evangelism Explosion organization.  He is excited to be joining EE evangelists from countries all over the world including Australia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Mongolia, Kenya, the Pacific Islands and others!

Chris and I had an opportunity to meet with bothers Nathan Brewer and Thomas Mobly for lunch one day and had a great time of fellowship. We are excited for them and the work that God has placed them in, in Oklahoma City. Praise God for his calling of young men into the ministry in Oklahoma. For the BMA of Oklahoma to survive we need a lot more.

Please pray that we will be successful in our discipleship efforts. I want to train more of our people so that they might be able to disciple others (Multiplication).

Thank you for your support both financially and prayerfully. You are a part of this ministry!

Thank you for all of your support. Come and see us when you get a chance and please – pray for us and the work here in Norman.

Sunday School – 9:30 am
Morning Service – 10:30 am
Evening Bible Study – 5:00 pm

Evening Bible Study (Family Reunion) – 7:30 pm