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Well, I guess I shouldn’t have said what I did in last month’s newsletter about things being a little quieter. I’ve been preaching a series on spiritual warfare and this month we saw a perfect example of this. We were witnesses to “pharmakeia”, sorcery in action in our Church service. A young lady entered into our service, who was under demonic influence due to drugs. Satan tried to disrupt our Church services but we continued on with sharing of the Word of God. I believe that demonic and Satanic influence is wide spread in our culture today. I hope to be able to continue this series this coming Sunday.

I had the privilege of baptizing Mark this month. Chris and I were able to share the gospel with him at his apartment, where he prayed to receive Christ. Below is an exert from Chris for this month which gives a little more detail about Mark:

  • We first met Mark at our church earlier this month when he was needing assistance with his electric bill.  An announcement was made and the $55 dollars that he needed was pulled together by our little congregation to keep his lights on! We were then able to provide a job opportunity at the church for him to earn the remaining amount he needed by helping us to remove the old lettering on the van donated to us by Sunray Baptist Church in Purcell.  Mark proved to be a diligent worker with good ideas to get the job done and this past Friday, I was able to take him to a job interview at Johnson Controls, where they offered him a machine job with great starting pay!  We praise God that Mark has been given this opportunity, but more importantly, we rejoice that during his time attending our church he has received Christ, been baptized, and has begun the discipleship process!
  • In our culture, today it is difficult to find people that are F.A.T. – Faithful, Available, and Teachable.  Mark has proven himself to be a F.A.T. believer and has given us an ideal example of how God has designed the church to work – to bring people to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, then baptism into His body, to grow up together into Him in all things – into Christ who is the head of the church!

Thank you for all of your support. Come and see us when you get a chance and please – pray for us and the work here in Norman.

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