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Greetings to you from New Generation Baptist Church plant here in Norman, OK, and grace and peace to you from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ!

It has certainly been turbulent times that we’ve been living through here in the United States and throughout the world with protests, hurricanes, earthquakes, and rogue regimes like North Korea, but the Lord is bringing peace and calm in the midst of the storms of this world, continuing to build His church, stone after stone, soul after soul, around Jesus Christ the Cornerstone!  For example, through August and September we are seeing the Lord steadily increase the number of people attending services and their faithfulness to do so.  The church plant is beginning to take root! · At least 32 people have attended or visited the church this month · Over 20 people have been regularly attending at least one Sunday service each week.

Satan may be at work causing division between races in our nation, but by God’s grace and His Holy Spirit, we are seeing love and racial harmony in our own church!  We are thankful for Melissa and Luis Santos and their desire to start a Hispanic ministry, and through translation of the gospel by Melissa, we were able to share with a woman from Mexico at Lexington Crossing trailer park.  She listened intently and patiently as we shared with her how God has dealt with the problem of our sin through Jesus Christ. Please pray for Claudia that the seeds of the gospel will take root in her heart and give her the hope of eternal life!  Also, our friend Ishar, who is the son of Baptist pastor from Bangladesh has also been intending services lately.  We are thankful that God is giving us a taste of heaven where people from every tongue, people, and nation will be worshiping around His throne!

We are now in our second week in outreach to Chapel Ridge Apartment complex, ministering to adults and children.  As result, we have gathered several children for games and bible study, and a few adults, including one woman named Tiffany who has now visited multiple Sunday services with her son!  We also had the opportunity to share the gospel with a man named Randy.  The Holy Spirit touched his heart!  He had been praying to God for a church and had reached out to friends about church without any success.  When he learned about NGBC, he saw this as an answer to his prayer.  Praise God!  And please pray that we would faithfully disciple Randy, Tiffany, these children, and many others in this apartment.

NGBC continues to be active in reaching out to folks in Norman who need it the most.  Nancy and the homeless ministry have had their first group meeting, with participation of students from South Gate and Pleasant Hill.  We’re thankful for their heart to care for the needy!

Please pray for us!  That God would continue to open up doors of opportunity to share the gospel, and that He would use us to spread His word throughout all of Norman!  And please pray, that God would see fit for us to soon formally organize as a church and continue to grow both numerically and spiritually as His Body!

We feel so blessed and honored to continue to be a part of what God is doing here at NGBC, and we are so thankful for your support and prayers and continue to believe the promise, that Christ will build His church.  So let us all live lives of obedience to Him, sharing the gospel, making disciples, and building our lives on Him, the only firm foundation, refuge and strength!  Amen.

Thank you for all of your support. Come and see us when you get a chance and please – pray for us and the work here in Norman.

Sunday School – 9:30 am
Morning Service – 10:30 am
Evening Bible Study – 5:00 pm

Evening Bible Study (Family Reunion) – 7:30 pm