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Greetings from Norman, Oklahoma! We are continuing in the work here at the church plant and look forward to the continued blessings. We continue to see opportunities in many areas, a few of which are:

  • Starting a new bible study on Thursday evenings at Chapel Ridge Apartments. Chris and I have been making contacts there already and have been received warmly for the most part. We recognize that we will be met with some resistance as we try to advance the gospel message to a lost and dying world. Recently, we had an opportunity to share the gospel with two young ladies, who were very gender confused. Early in our conversation with them they tried to shock us with their speech, a tactic some use to keep you from proceeding with the gospel. However, after a period of time it seemed as if they became more receptive to the gospel. Please pray that we will be able to share with them more in the future.
  • Nancy and some folks from Southgate Baptist in Moore are continuing with the homeless ministry. They distribute some clothes, shoes and hygiene items to them. Pray for them and their safety as they distribute these necessities and share the gospel.
  • We see opportunities to start additional bible studies. One is in a senior apartment complex. We would like to have a 15-passenger van that we could bring some of these folks to our church services. At the present, we have two people that come to our services from that complex, but there are others that have expressed an interest in coming.
  • We have reduced the amount of time that we are spending at the food-pantry, but we are still meeting folks there and sharing the gospel as we have opportunities.
  • We hope to be more involved with some of the students at OU and we recently volunteered at a pizza bash for new and returning students. We were able to make many new contacts through this and hopefully, in the future also.

For this month, we have made many new contacts in the community – at the apartments, OU campus, out in the streets and in our daily wanderings. Pray for us that we will be effective in our work here. Thank you for your support – monetarily and prayer wise.

Chris was able to share the gospel with a young Hispanic man visiting from California. He was helping another man install some carpet in the church building. The young man prayed to receive Christ during the encounter. Pray for Jose!

We are doing some construction work on the building to complete some work that had previously been started. If you know of someone who would like to help, let me know.

Additional highlights for the month include:

  • Carol, one of our members, helped in Evangelism training in Oklahoma City
  • Three men have preached this month – Chris, Luis and I. I want Chris and Luis to gain experience in doing so. I know this may sound strange, but I want them to pastor their own churches someday. We need to be willing to send people out for ministry. We need multiplication.
  • Jamie, one of our members, is helping with putting some hymnals together.

Thank you for all of your support. Come and see us when you get a chance and please – pray for us and the work here in Norman.

Sunday School – 9:30 am
Morning Service – 10:30 am
Evening Bible Study – 5:00 pm

Evening Bible Study (Family Reunion) – 7:30 pm