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Grace Harbor continued its on campus in person services just two weeks ago on May 17. Between several elderly and at risk folks, and a few with new babies and younger children, we have seen about a 50% decrease in attendance the past two Sundays. However, our folks in attendance have eagerly returned with much excitement and great participation. We are still encouraging and supporting those who do choose to hold off a bit longer, and are doing all we can to continue ministering and caring for those with needs in this season.

This would normally be the time of year where we are planning and preparing for our summer outreach and community events. It has been these events over the last three summers that have allowed us to develop meaningful relationships and have meaningful conversations about the Gospel. Despite the change in plans, this pandemic has kept us home and has allowed us to personally connect with neighbors in a way that we never have before. We are praying that these newly formed relationships will lead to lasting friendships and conversations that open opportunities to share the hope of the gospel.