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Grace Harbor’s event in the park turned out better than we could have planned. I think we served more hot dogs, burgers, and sno cones than we ever have(nearly 150)! The weather cooperated for the most part until about 2 hours into the event when a mighty rain storm came through. We met two folks that night who had been watching our church from a distance for nearly 3 years. They had dropped by a couple of our previous events, one being our movie night in the Fall and the other a previous park event. They have not been involved in a church in a little while, and really felt convicted about recommitting themselves to the Lord and to the church. 

Well, since then, they have become very active folks in our church, and wish to unite with our church as members and we will be baptizing them in July! We are so grateful to see the fruit and the seeds planted from several years of steady and consistent presence in our community.

This week, we have 13 campers at BMAO Kids Camp in Binger. We are looking forward to a great week and praying for the Lord to speak to these kids in a clear and convicting way.