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I somehow allowed July to pass without submitting a report, so this report will contain information about both July and August! I appreciate Bro. Gene Hankins and Bro. Carl Barnes for their work and ministry in the BMAO, and for their diligence in the work the Lord has called them to do for our association. I never come away from a conversation from either of them without feeling deeply encouraged.

July kicked off with us wrapping up a great week at our BMA Kids Camp in Binger. We took about 14 kids and leaders along for a great week away. We could not have imagined just four years ago that we would have the ability to take a group to camp this size, but the Lord has been faithful to us!

We also had a “Family Sunday” in July. Family Sunday happens every three months or so at Grace Harbor, and it is a service where we welcome new members into our church and have baptisms. This most recent Family Sunday, we welcomed 5 new members and baptized three folks!

August also kicked off with a strong start at the BMA National Meeting in Waxahachie. It was a bit unusual all around having this meeting in August, but we could not have left more energized and encouraged for the work the Lord has called us to here in OKC. Then the final week of August, we were able to partner with Harvest Hills Elementary for their back to school event. They had over 300 folks attend this event, and Grace Harbor was privileged to be right in the middle of it. Our folks donated around $500 to purchase all of the food for concessions for the event, so that the PTO would be able to raise money for serving the school this upcoming school year. We not only donated money, but several of our folks volunteered and served families. I can’t tell you how many folks recognized our faces and our shirts, and were so grateful to see us there again.

6 of our folks(including myself) are attending a 15-week course on evangelism and missions at an area church in OKC. “Perspectives” seeks to equip the church to share the Gospel in its own context, while giving the church an understanding of God’s work among all the nations of the world. Our folks are greatly enjoying it and are gleaning so much already from what we are learning.