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This past week, we presented Thomas Mobly as a candidate for ordination and eldership at Grace Harbor Church. On Sunday, March 14, Thomas will be formally ordained as a minister and appointed as an elder of Grace Harbor Church. We believe that the Bible speaks with gracious clarity in regards to how the church is led by a plurality of faithful men who minister and meet needs with the Word of God. On of our goals and one of the goals our association has given us to become self-governing, self-sustaining church. We believe that in all of Paul’s letters, one of the most foundational characteristics of a healthy, viable church was each church’s ability to recognize appoint these faithful men to the ministry of the church.

By God’s grace and the generosity of the people of God, Grace Harbor is to a place where we have the ability to do this. This will be a special day where we celebrate and acknowledge God’s calling on his life. We have a few brothers who are BMA pastors in our vicinity that we are leaning into to help us think about this day, including the pastors of Southgate Baptist, our mother church. This a massive step for us and we ask for your prayers.

Beyond this point, we are gearing up for what we hope to be another fruitful season of ministry and outreach. In the next couple weeks, we hope to be able to feed the teachers of the local elementary school for their winter parent teacher conference night. In the past, this has been a tremendous blessing to teachers and has given us one of the best ways to get our foot in the door to relationships and prayer with these teachers.

We have been so blessed by the provision of the Lord and are eager to see what ways he will teach us in 2021!