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Happy New Year, brothers and sisters of the BMA of Oklahoma! A new year brings opportunities for us to both reflect and anticipate the blessings of God. As we reflect on the year behind us, we would all agree about how challenging and different it was for us all. As the Lord does do, he has preserved, protected, and provided for us. There is not a single season of life- no matter how easy or hard- that is not intended to teach us something. As we anticipate what lies ahead, we also acknowledge and affirm that “A person’s heart plans his way, but the Lord determines his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9). The Lord is sovereign and in control, but he has certainly given us the responsibility and capacity to be good stewards with our days and resources. We do expect big things from the Lord and his people in 2021!

This past month, Grace Harbor was blessed to have two new families become regular attendees and have expressed interest in becoming members of Grace Harbor! This was very encouraging to us as we have made it our goal to be faithful in preaching with word and shepherding his people. Church plants are in such unique positions today as It relates to opportunities to reach new folks with the Gospel, but as you might expect, there are certain things that are hurdles for church plants. We don’t have a huge budget, but our folks are faithful. We don’t have many of the resources other places around us have, but we know that faithfulness and obedience is God’s desire for us.

We currently have 4 groups meeting in homes midweek, and strongly believe we will have the need for more by the Summer. Along with that, we have a discipleship group happening right now among four of our men where we are receiving training in evangelism and presenting the Gospel. This was birthed out of one of our men who is extremely gifted in this area and his desire to train others to do the same. We are praying by name for a few specific people and expect the Lord to save these folks.