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We approach the end of September full of gratitude and joy for many reasons. One of those reasons is how the Lord has blessed us by allowing us to purchase the building where our church has gathered since 2018. Though the church is never confined to a certain place or geographical location, the ability to plant our feet here is a blessing, both to our church and I believe to our community. Just since we closed, we have heard from a few different folks in our community who are grateful to know we are here, one of those being a like-minded church and the other being the local school we have partnered with over the years.

Speaking of the school, we will be putting on an event with them in the community in the next month in the park. We are born storming now about what exactly this event will look like, but we have a common goal of bringing people together in our community to relieve some of the feelings of isolation that many are feeling in these challenging times. Please pray for us as we plan and for Gospel conversations that we will have with neighbors that evening. 

Our church celebrates a special day in October as it has been 2 years since our official “launch”. On this day, we will celebrate all that the Lord has done. We have four families who will come foreword as members that day and there are a couple of folks we will baptize! We give all the glory and honor to the Lord for all He has done. We also are grateful for the partnership and ongoing support of the BMA of Oklahoma.