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In the personal side, October was a challenging month. It began with several folks in our church contracting COVID-19 and having to quarantine for two weeks. In the end, around 10 of our folks came down with COVID. Included in this number was my wife and I. Thankfully, our kids stayed healthy throughout our time with the illness, and we have now been out of quarantine for about two weeks. We believe that the last couple who dealt with COVID in our church has also fully recovered and for that we praise God!

This illness kept us from attending the BMAO State Meeting earlier this month and we were heartbroken to have to miss out on this day. Following the bout with COVID, we went through a week with no electricity in our homes and at the church building. Needless to say, October did not go the way we had hoped or planned it would. However, the Lord is good and is in the redeeming business. We had a wonderful Sunday as we celebrated “Family Sunday.” We celebrate Family Sunday 4 times per year and it is for the purpose of baptisms, welcoming new members into our church, commissioning parents of newborn babies, and sharing a meal together. Sunday, we welcomed 7 new members, 1 newborn, and had one baptism. Praise God!

We also are beginning to sense some normalcy begin again with our community outreach as we will be hosting a community movie night this coming Friday in the local park. So many in our community are facing an unprecedented amount of stress and anxiety, particularly as its relates to their children’s new education format with virtual learning. This is putting a great deal of stress on families who are single parent households, or households where grandparents are the primary caregivers. In many ways, this is a challenge to how we minister and serve those in our city, but in other ways, this is a very ripe time for ministry and sharing the truth of the unchanging, ever powerful Gospel truth.

Pray for our folks as we seek to care, love, and minister to those God has placed in our midst. That we would be focused, diligent, and faithful in our mission.