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Hello BMA of Oklahoma Family!

This will again be a brief report as many of you might understand and sympathize with. While it is not outside of the love care, provision, sovereignty, and awareness of God, this is a season in ministry that is unprecedented. I have heard some other brother pastors joke that pastoring through a pandemic is not something that is covered in Bible school! Our care and ministry to the people of God and the community around us has changed quite a bit. We have utilized the phone, written cards, and online meetings more than I ever thought we would. In the midst of this chaos, I can confidently say that the need for souls to be cared for and needs to be met has not changed. And we are striving with the energy God has given to us to be faithful in this.

Just last week, we received a financial gift from a church in another state that was designated to help meet the needs for anyone who needed help in our community. The amount that was given was the same dollar amount that someone called us requesting assistance the very next day. We shared that with this person and shared with them that their greatest need was to be forgiven and accepted by God. We are praying for this soul that a seed was planted!