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11300 N. Council Rd. 
OKC, OK 73162

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Our Grace Harbor Community Groups are continuing to see growth and we are moving towards multiplying our group that meets weekly on the North Side of OKC! Our hope is that these groups would recognize themselves as “cities on a hill” that will spread light and love with the neighbors God has placed among them. Acts 17:26 leads us to believe firmly that the places God has chosen for us to dwell, work, and play are sovereignly ordained by him so that many would hear and respond to the good news of Christ. Our community groups are being taught and trained to view those they encounter as possible brothers and sisters in Christ as they share and proclaim the Gospel. We like to refer to this as “living on mission”.

Ultimately, we look to Christ and our heavenly Father. As BMAA Director like to say, “Our God is a missionary God.”