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I recently shared with Grace Harbor that there was no way for us to have known what 2018 had in store at the beginning of 2018. Not only was it unpredictable, but often times our faith and expectations were small. Despite this, God showed us again why he is God and why he is good. He showed us that despite our little faith, he’s going to work in big ways, on his own time. So, we have resolved that for 2019, we aren’t going to expect little from him. We are going to expect much. We know that God owes nothing to us and every “small” thing he does is a BIG evidence of his great grace. We also know that he’s always going to give us what we need- not always what we think we need, but always what he knows we need. All this to say: when God speaks, we will listen; knowing that he is good. 

In 2018, he provided many things for us that were tangible: finances, a place to gather, people who we are prayerfully developing to live on mission for him, and many other things. He also allowed us to experience his presence through 1 baptism and 1 salvation. In 2019, we are asking God for more. We know he has called us here and we know it is his desire that those who are lost would be saved- we have no doubt about this. We also believe that revving a dead heart can only be done by his power. We currently have a few people we are praying for by name who would accept Christ. We have shared the Gospel with them and are continuing to strengthen relationships with them. These are individuals who have experienced many rough days in their life and cant seem to reconcile grace with hardships. 

December was a great month for us at Grace Harbor. We spent the Sundays in December acknowledging the first advent (the time leading up to the birth of Christ and the longing for deliverance for the people of God), as well as the second advent (the “here and now” as we long for the soon and sure second coming of Christ when he will deliver his people for a final time). Throughout the month, we also intentionally planned very little in regards to activity at the church in hope that our people would experience rest in a very busy, commercialized season. As we did that, we saw the Lord go to work as he allowed us to connect with several new faces in our community, even resulting in a few of them worshiping with us through December. December wrapped up with 8 of our Grace Harbor students attending Oklahoma Outbreak in Altus, Oklahoma with other BMA of Oklahoma churches. 

From those of us at Grace Harbor, we pray you have a very blessed New Year. We are expecting God to do great things for us and in our association in the years to come!