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One of our high points was seeing our church body come together to provide a thanksgiving meal for 15 families in our community. Not only were we able to see that these families had what they needed to have a happy Thanksgiving, but we were able to hear stories of these people, many of whom are facing significant challenges in life- from broken homes, to deaths in the family, and even one who was recently burglarized and had a vehicle stolen. With each of these families, we prayed and extended a line of communication that we hope will open up even greater opportunity to become family for them through sharing the Gospel.

Our hope is to provide our people with many opportunities for missional living through December. What this means for us practically is fighting against the common practice of “busying” our people with more activities. Christmas is such a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel, as people are more aware of the meaning of the season and the joy that surrounds it.

Merry Christmas from Grace Harbor Church!