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10368694 – shuttle endeavour launch

We were blessed with a great month in September. We saw many people visit through the month and several of those have such around! We held our first ever membership meeting and had nearly 40 in attendance. A handful of those signed our church membership covenant and vowed to committing themselves to the lord and to the church. It was also a memorable month as my wife and our four children were able to get away for a much need time of rest and refueling. We spent 7 days in Orange Beach, Alabama and it will never be the same!

On Sunday, October 7, we are having our church launch service. This will primarily be a day of celebration for us as we reflect on what God has done in these 15 months since moving here. We will sing, preach, baptize, eat, and fellowship all for the purpose of glorifying God for his goodness. Our service begins at 10:15 that day and will be followed by lunch. All are welcome and to celebrate with us. Another thing that we hope to accomplish through launch actually will happen beyond our launch. We hope to take time this day to pray about what is to come and what lies ahead. Present in our service that day will be several people in our community who very well might not have a relationship with Jesus. Ultimately, we want for those people to hear the Gospel proclaimed that day, but we also recognize that the harvest is plentiful and that exists beyond this Sunday. Our

is intended to communicate with our people and our community that we are here too stay and to love them. This is a big day, but it is only one day. We have days, months, and years ahead of us that God has planned to do his work.

Be praying for our big day on Sunday and for the days ahead!