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August was everything we hoped it would be! Of course, I by no means am saying that there isn’t much work to do and many people to reach, but it was a month that will serve for us a monumental time.  

The main thing we set out to accomplish in August was to share the mission and direction of our church and who God has called us to be in our community as a church. This not only served us well in communicating what is most important to us asa church, but it served to foster some energy and excitement among our people. We emphasized our desire to be a church who makes disciples and sees lost people come to Christ. We shared our vision for community groups and the foundation that God’s Word is for all that we do.  

We also set out to raise about $2,800 for a new church sign. While we didn’t fully reach our goal, we saw so many of our people step up in huge ways to help us accomplish this. We are excited about several things coming up in the next few weeks. First off, we will hold our first Covenant Membership class on September 9. What we hope to do in that is give anyone who desires to unite with us in membership a very clear and articulate understanding of what we believe and what we are about. We take membership and its biblical precedence very seriously, so we will require anyone who desires to be member to go through a 90 minute class that we will offer about 6 times per year. Looking beyond that, October is a a big time for us as we plan on an official church “launch.” Our hope is to reach out with some greater energy and intentionality to connect with those in our community. We have spent about 15 vital months really pouring into the core team God has put together and we believe it is time for us to go public. Be praying for us as we take this big step and be looking for updates along the way!