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We had a great month in June! We kicked off the Summer in a great way by bringing together all of our people for a meeting about the vision and future of Grace Harbor Church. We are becoming more and more aware of the need to consistently find ways to share the vision of the church. For us it is simple: Grace Harbor Church exists to being glory to God by making disciples. Everything we do here has that as the aim. Our prayer is to be faithful and committed to this, as it is actually the mission God has placed all of his people on in Matthew 28.

We had a great week with a group of high school students and leaders from Waxahachie, Tx. The crew came from a sister BMA church: Farley Street Baptist Church. We didn’t have just a ton of things for this group to accomplish while they were here, but the things we did have lined up for them were incredibly important for the impact we want to make here in Northwest OKC. We began the week by working on some things around our facility that needed some attention- cleaning and painting a children’s ministry room, some landscaping, and cleaning around the property. The next day, we spent several hours at the Baptist Village that sits exactly one mile south of our building. We had several groups on different tasks that day- one group met some maintenance needs on the campus; another group visited and served some of the shut-ins who live there; and another group led a service with hymns and testimonies. We have a couple of church attendees who live there and their report from the day was one of deep gratitude.

That evening, with he help of this group, we were able to pull of one of the best and most fun nights we have had yet. We put on a community block party in a local park to meet and serve those who live immediately around us. We had inflatables, son-cones, cotton candy, music, and 250 hot dogs. We got rid of every single of those 250 hot dogs! What’s better is that we had a chance to pray with a lady about her son who is far from the Lord and invite several people to be part of our ministry. I won’t be dishonest and say that we saw hundreds respond and show up to church the next Sunday, but I will say that I truly believe that what we did was positive, and we expect to reap the benefits of it as we stay committed to this area and become more and more of a familiar face to our neighbors. The Lord certainly opened a door that night and we plan on capitalizing on this great event in the Fall!

Be praying for us as we gear up for the Fall. There are several things we are praying about:
– an official launch day where we will focus on becoming more of a visible presence here in our community
– our people as we are continually pouring into them and that they would continue to allow the Lord to lead them as they live as a light in their jobs, homes, and neighborhoods.
– we are already praying for more men to rise up in our church that we could potentially send out as future church planters and missionaries.