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We are gearing up for a big Summer at Grace Harbor that will lead us into some exciting things this Fall. We are becoming acquainted with the tendency of ministry to not “live in the moment” as there are so many great things on the horizon for us. The tension we are in right now is wanting to take things one day at a time, all while being aware of what we have planned out later in the year. I will share more on those future things in future reports. For now, I’ll share a little about what happened in may and what we expect June to look like.

A few weeks ago, we held our first vision and info luncheon since moving into the new facility where we gather. We had over 20 in attendance and it was a great meeting! As we grow and see new faces, it becomes more and more important to be true to the vision and mission of our church. It is also essential that we continually find creative ways to communicate that vision. Everything we do as a church is funneled through our vision: To bring Glory to God by making Disciples.

As a result of this meeting, the following Wednesday night we saw 4 new people join one of our Community Groups that meets in homes throughout the week. It is through these Community Groups where we hope to see the most consistent ministry and mission work in our church. We are asking people to commit to these groups because we believe that ministry and obedience to the “one anothers” of scripture happen most effectively when we are in close and consistent proximity to others. Through Sunday morning is VITAL and commanded, there is an element necessary to our walk with Christ that cannot be achieved in a gathering of many people. We must “do life” with a group of people who can consistently walk with us through hard times, good times, sinful times, and accountability in each of those seasons. We also ask our people to be intentional with sharing the Gospel to neighbors neighborhoods through these groups. We think of these groups as mission groups based on Acts 17:26. Groups that will think of their homes and their jobs and their hobbies as more than mere homes, jobs, and hobbies; but as God-ordained opportunities to bring Glory to God through intentional conversations and meaningful relationships.

In June, we will host a mission team of 30 students and leaders from Waxahachie, Texas. That week, we will be serving the Baptist Village that neighbors our property. The Baptist Village is a senior living and rehabilitation center. We are so excited to partner with them and serve them, not just this one day, but for years to come! The next day, We also will be holding a community family night in the park that sits a mile form the church. We hope to connect with several families at a park that serves a major hub of activity ion our city.

Pray for these upcoming and ongoing opportunities!