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March was a busy month leading up to our first Sunday morning gathering! We shared the news at the BMA of Central Oklahoma meeting just a few weeks ago that we had just recently been approached about utilizing some space of a church that would not be making regular use of it starting in April. After several meetings with the board that sits over the ownership of that property, as well as meetings and conversations with our leaders and leaders of the BMA of Oklahoma, we felt this would be a great fit for our small church. 

This building sits 0.9 miles from my home, where we have gathered weekly since September. Our first Sunday morning gathering was Easter Sunday and we had over 50 people in attendance! We have so many more details we will share in the future when we become a bit more settled there, but for now I want to ask for your prayers about a couple of big things:  

1. We will be sending out, from our one group, a new small group that will begin meeting next Wednesday night on a different side of town. Pray for the strength of this group and for the new leaders that will facilitate this group as they attempt to reach neighbors with the Gospel.

2. We have TWO mission teams wanting to visit and serve with Grace Harbor this Summer. One group from Hopewell Baptist Church in El Dorado, Arkansas and another group from Farley Street Baptist Church in Waxahachie, Texas. Pray for the students and leaders as they begin to prepare financially and spiritually for these trips. Their time with us this summer will be valuable as we begin to become more and more visible as a church in our community with this new building. Pray even now for God to prepare the hearts of those in the surrounding neighborhoods that we will serve and reach!