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It is hard to believe that we are already to the end of February! I still have a hard time to write “2018” whenever I write the date. It is mind boggling for many reasons, but mainly because we are entering into a stretch of 4 Sunday meetings that will lead us into Easter Sunday. Easter is a big enough and significant of a day in itself but carries with it  a little more weight this year.

We have been meeting officially as a team now for 6 months. At the beginning of 2018, we cast a vision to our team that we were about 12 weeks from transitioning our structure from what we are doing now to what we will be doing next. Currently, we meet exclusively as a small group in my home each Sunday night to develop and communicate some foundational vision and communication with the 20 people we have on our team. This has been an incredibly refreshing season and approach to ministry for us. We believe we have spent some much needed time to invest spiritually in the group of people God has brought together to plant Grace Harbor. Our plan, however, is to add a weekly Sunday morning corporate gathering to our small group time that happens currently on Sunday night. We believe the Lord is leading and growing the desire in our people to gather together under the preaching of God’s Word, singing, and the ordinances of baptism and Lord’s Supper.

Along with that news, we are also excited to announce that we have located a building to hold this gathering. The timing of the opportunity that has been presented to us could not be more of a blessing. Here we are just four weeks away from Easter, and we have been presented with a space that will fit our church so well. In fact, this facility sits less than 1 mile North of my home, where our gathering currently takes place.

I have mentioned my neighbor Matt in previous reports. As I may have shared, Matt is a great kid who has faced some pretty deep challenges and valleys in his life. Since last Fall, our church has been a place for Matt to come and feel welcome and loved. It has taken some time and intentional conversations with him, but we believe we are seeing Matt’s heart softened to the conviction of the Holy Spirit in his life and the blessing of the local church. Continue to pray for Matt!

We are eager and full of optimistic expectation for the next four weeks and beyond. In light of the recent recognition of World Missions Sunday through the BMA of America Missions office, we want to again express our gratitude for the way the BMA of Oklahoma has supported us in so many ways. From the ministry of the annual youth camps when I was a teenager to the current financial and spiritual support from the BMAO, we are eternally grateful.