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We closed out the year more excited than ever about what God is allowing us to experience through planting this church. It was last January when we settled in a name for Grace Harbor and really felt the downhill journey begin with our move to Oklahoma City from Northwest Arkansas. A year ago, we identified a name, a general area for the plant, created a timeline, and constructed a vision for this plant. We didn’t know and acknowledge it then, but God had a much bigger vision for us than we had for ourselves. More on that in a minute.

We wrapped up our official meetings for the year on December 14 with a Christmas party in our home. We took time this night to celebrate and pray together about what we had seen God do and what we fully anticipate him to do in the coming year. One of the best parts about our current team is the relationships we carry throughout each week that stretch beyond our Sunday evening gathering. As we enter into the new year, this is one of our high points of emphasis as we see the importance of being the church throughout the week.

We also had the opportunity to attend Oklahoma Outbreak on December 27-29. If you are new to the BMA, Outbreak is the annual Winter conference that a few of our BMA of Oklahoma churches attend with their middle and high school students. “Build My Life” was a fitting theme for the conference this year as the truth of 1 Peter 2:1-10 was communicated. I believe it is important for our students to be taught and then reminded about the importance of the local church and its vitality in the mission and vision of God. Also vital is the understanding of who the “cornerstone” is and how Christ shapes all things pertaining to his church and his people. We had the opportunity to take one high school student with us! We made sure to document him as our first student to a BMA event.

As we look forward to a new year, we are excited. Our first gathering of the year will happen on Sunday, January 7. We are using this meeting as an opportunity to lay out and cast some vision for the year, and I am excited to share more about what all that includes in the coming months. In brief, this meeting will launch us into a 12-week track that will lead into Easter. In these 12 weeks, we will be sharing some of the foundational values and beliefs of our church that we believe are important for any team member to understand and embrace. In our initial meeting, we will also be communicating that these next 12 weeks are meant for members to take intentional time to pray and consider their commitment to Grace Harbor. Our prayer is that over this time, team members would clearly hear from the Lord about how he wants for them to be involved. Many on our team are currently members of other churches and their involvement up to this point has been with those commitments still in tact. We are asking our tram to pray about being part of a church plant, or in more common terms, to pray about being missionaries with us who make an impact with the Gospel in Northwest Oklahoma City. Would you help us pray for these friends as they prepare to potentially move away from the only place many of them have ever known?

Thanks for praying with us and for standing beside us as we minister to those to whom we have been called!