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November was an exciting month! There were several “firsts” that happened this month and each one was a huge blessing for our group.

This past month, we had neighbors (who are lost) in our home for our gathering for the first time. The first of these was a neighbor I requested prayer last month. Matt is a neighbor of mine who I have been building a friendship with over the months. This past month, I was able to have him in my home on an informal occasion and I shared the Gospel with him. Matt is far from the Lord and sharing the Gospel with him has turned out to be pretty challenging, for a variety of reasons. At the same time, I believe the Lord is really softening his heart to hear it: Matt is very open to a friendship and has show a great hunger for a friend. One night, the 14 regular attendees were in my home when I received a text from Matt. He was shocked by the number of people in my home and even communicated some envy for the amount of friends I had in my home. I texted him back and invited to come over and eat dinner with us and sit in on the final minutes of our gathering. He accepted the invite and we were able to pray for several members in our group as he was here. We also prayed for him as he has been dealing with some unfortunate circumstances.

We also welcomed in a neighbor of Thomas & Courtney one Sunday. Justin is the father of two little girls and is in a tough place in life. He also seems primed by the Lord to hear and receive the Gospel. Thomas has explicitly presented him with the Gospel and he responded well to it. He agreed to join us one evening and was very active in the conversation we had that night.

These are just a couple of examples, but I am also pleased to say that the Lord is opening doors for us to meet and get to know pother neighbors. We are praying for similar opportunities as the ones I have mentioned!

We also enjoyed our first weekend fellowship with our men. 7 regular attendees from our group, plus an additional few that we invited to tag along, went for a weekend camping trip into the Wichita Mountains. This was a special time for us as we were able to “unplug” and enjoy the fellowship among those who God has brought together at Grace Harbor.