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We have experienced some very exciting things over the last two months. September brought us what we consider the first official gathering of Grace Harbor Church. On September 10, ten people gathered in my home for a night of fellowship and Bible study at our inaugural meeting. Though we are not yet implementing some common and commanded things that may constitute a formal church, we are taking some time through December to form some very important context and understanding to these things and believe that they are not only important to observe, but to understand.

We are also praying that through these 12 weeks together, our group would see growth not only spiritually, but numerically. We are praying for this numerical growth to happen as a result of a couple of things, like evangelism and meeting other believers who want to be part of this. Like I mentioned above, we began with 10 people and after just 4 meetings, our group has grown to 13! Honestly, we’d love to see our group with 20 members by December 10. Our goal and hope is that we could kickoff 2018 with two groups going on in two different neighborhoods. We believe that can happen and we long for your prayers in that!

God has been so good to us in allowing us to connect with some other church leaders and pastors in our area. We are so grateful to be in a place and in a time where we can gather and pray with other pastors in our community, understanding that we are in this together.

Speaking of connections, we are so grateful for the opportunity we had to spend a couple days at the BMA of Oklahoma Annual Meeting. We appreciate and take full advantage of any opportunity we have to share about the great things God is doing. We also like to take every opportunity to share our gratitude for the BMA of Oklahoma, specifically Bro. Gene Hankins in his role as State Missions Director and the Advisory Committee who has not only been an advocate on our behalf to the state, but has been a source of constant encouragement and instruction as we seek what God wants for Grace Harbor Church. Another thanks to the Men’s Fellowship(formerly known as “Brotherhood”) who chose to support us as this year’s mission project.

We can’t wait to continue to share updates in the coming months. We are not only grateful for the growth God has brought thus far, but we expect him to continue to allow us to experience more of Him!