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We learned a lot in August! First off, August officially wrapped up all of our planned Summer meetings. These three meetings allowed us to meet several new people and allowed us to share our calling to plant a church in Oklahoma City. It also allowed us to come to understand our vision and calling better for ourselves. It not only gave us the opportunity to understand our vision, but also to more deeply understand what God truly wants of us as a church and as His people.

If you have ever been part of a thing like planting a church, you understand the challenges, the joys, and the turns it often brings. Where we thought we would be today is not the place we find ourselves in today. Our “plans” and calendar had us two weeks away from our first public service on September 10. The closer September 10 creeped up on us, the more unsettling the idea of this service became to us. Admittedly, we didn’t have much of a plan, vision, or purpose for this event. In our ignorance, we just thought this is what we were supposed to do! To be really honest, the result of this service would have been nothing more than an effort to merely build a Sunday morning service and hope that we would meet hundreds of new people that would just show up to something they didn’t know anything about. Unfortunately, that’s not how our culture works and thankfully, that’s not the kind of work or church we have been called to plant.

So on September 10, we will start something. This “something” will be a Sunday evening small group with the 10 or so people who feel called to help us start this church. Our hope and passion is to see this group of 10 grow as a result of sharing the Gospel and doing life with our neighbors and those in our community. Truthfully, we do desire a time where we will come together on a Sunday morning and worship corporately with many people. But we also desire for that time to be a result of the sweat and work we put into being intentional with sharing the Good News of Jesus with Northwest Oklahoma City.

We also want to extend an invitation: do you know anyone in the Northwest OKC area that you could help us connect with? Maybe you have a grandchild or a childhood friend who lives in this area who either needs to rehear about Jesus or knows Jesus and wants to be part of a small group of people looking to make an impact. Let’s get more personal: might God be calling you to be part of something like this?

Over the next four months, our team will gather weekly for a time of Bible study and fellowship in my home. We will discuss basic principles of the Gospel, the Church, and the way these things impact our life. Our hope is to see this group grow! We want to see it grow to a point where we are forced to turn it into two groups, three groups, four groups. This will be our trajectory from September-December. In December, we will take time to evaluate where we are and see where the Lord will lead us in the coming season: the new year.

Thanks for praying for us! Pray for a continued burden and desire to see men, women, and children come to know the Lord