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Hello again! If you were worried that I had fallen off the face of the earth, fear no more. June brought about one of the busiest seasons of our life and to be on this side of June brings great thankfulness. We started the month with the physical move from Rogers, Arkansas to Oklahoma City. As many of you have personally experienced, a move can be exhausting on many levels: physical, emotional, and even spiritual. Throw 4 kids into the mix and you have moments of complete chaos! Despite all of that, we had the help of many great friends and some off our family who made this transition much smoother for us, whether that be through heavy-lifting or baby-sitting.

We weren’t on the ground in OKC for long before I had the opportunity to be the camp speaker at Camp Goddard for the BMA of Southeast Oklahoma Youth Camp. The camp theme this year was “Mended” and the passage of scripture we looked into throughout the week was Psalms 73:26. Under the direction of Ryan Meadows and his attentiveness to the Holy Spirit, I think this theme was just what these students and leaders needed as an encouragement, challenge, and reminder. The week was fun, the week was hot, and the week was busy. But thanks to the investment and humility of some great adult leaders and camp sponsors and their willingness to be used by the Lord, there were around 15 students who gave their life to Christ! Bro. Wayne Edgar challenged the leaders at the beginning of the week to be very intentional about the cabin devotion times. This challenge really fired up the camp sponsors and it was through that avenue cabin devotionals that many heard the Gospel with their heart for the very first time. I praise God for the work He did through the lives of students that week, as well as the opportunity to connect with so many of our fantastic BMA students and leaders!

We returned home from that camp and very quickly began getting our home unpacked so that we might have the opportunity to welcome in new friends and neighbors. The Lord allowed us to find a home that is nestled into a neighborhood that is home to a park that is one of a kind in our geographical vicinity. We had no idea the kinds of opportunities this would present to us. From meeting two different Mormon families on our first day at the park, to connecting with neighbors who are lost, to meting other families who are excited to hear about a new church plant in Northwest OKC, we are in an area that has a great need and great potential. It is such an area of need that we have scheduled our first outreach event for Friday, July 28 in this park! We will set up in the park with free hot dogs and popsicles and just look to meet and make intentional connections with families, single moms, and kids. Pray for this event and pray for us as we form relationships that will lead to an opportunity to share the Gospel.

In June, we also held our very first Grace Harbor Vision Meeting. We were able to share the vision and heart behind Grace Harbor with over 20 people! Our friends at Southgate Baptist in Moore sent around 10 volunteers that took care of the cooking and childcare for this event. On that topic, we are extremely grateful for the many churches in the BMA of Oklahoma (and beyond) who have found ways to serve this new work. There are countless ways to serve and use your gifts!

We look forward to our second vision meeting on Wednesday, July 12. Be praying for this event!

I look forward to sharing with you the exciting things that will have happened in July. I want to express my gratitude to you once again. From the kindness of our local church to the wisdom of our state missions director, Gene Hankins, and the committee under his leadership, we are so grateful.