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It has been another really great last few weeks in the life of Grace Harbor Church. After having an active early February with a couple of our fellow BMA of Oklahoma churches, we have had a chance to be “home” and travel free in Northwest Arkansas for a couple of weeks. This has allowed us to be more present at Grace Hills Church and reflect on the amazing things we have learned and experienced in our time there.

Just last week, we went in front of the BMA of America Advisory committee and had the opportunity to share our heart and vision with another partner of Grace Harbor. My wife and I, along with Thomas and Courtney Mobly, thoroughly enjoyed the time with this committee and walked away encouraged, refreshed and endorsed by the BMAA! It was in that meeting that Jeff Swart (Chairman of the BMAA Advisory Committee) applauded the BMA of Oklahoma and their mutual willingness with Grace Hills Church to allow us this extended and intentional time of learning and development for our work in Oklahoma City. We truly believe that is valuable time and an experience that will benefit our ministry for years to come.

As much as we have enjoyed that time at home, I find myself back in Oklahoma City this weekend. And I am enjoying every second of it! I look forward to gathering with our BMA of Central Oklahoma department brothers this weekend in Norman for their mid-year meeting in Norman.

I am also excited to announce an online giving option. We have established a fully secure form of online donations that you are in control of. At this point, 100% of online giving goes towards the general operations of Grace Harbor Church, unless otherwise designated. Those operations include any promotional needs (website, advertisement, etc.) and legal fees that the church has at this point in the process. In the future, this function will serve as the primary avenue through which the members of Grace Harbor Church give. If you have preliminary questions about that, email If you are interested in a one-time or recurring donation, visit

We are in amazement at how fun this process has been. It is definitely a lot of work, but I intentionally use the word “fun” because it has simply been just that. Thanks for your prayers and thanks for your support. If I can serve your church in any way, please email me at or call me: 405-830-0586.