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Thomas and Courtney Mobly

In many ways, December was an oddly un-eventful month. There are, however, a few items that made this month probably our biggest to date! Before I get to those items, I want to share two very important goals we have set for the month of January that will only serve to continue this streak of high impact moments.

– Our first goal is to name this “thing”. Up until today, we have referred to this “thing” as “thing”. We want to change that! We feel that God has already named us and through much prayer and direction from others, we feel that we are circling in on a name. To move forward in some of the technical and even legal process, a name is vitally important.

– Along with naming this “thing”, we want to center our focus on a particular area of Oklahoma City. We do feel like God is leading us to start something in Oklahoma City. With over 600,000 residents, there is a need for more Gospel communities through the local church. As team members begin searching for a place to live and a place to put their kids in school and find jobs, we want to give them a specific area to search. As we begin to pray about how God will use us, we want to focus our attention and networking on an area that we will grow to love over the next six months.

I am sharing this information with you for a couple of reasons. First, we want to allow you to be involved in this process with us- we want you to be “in the know”. Secondly, we want you to play as big of a part in this as anyone through your prayers and support.

Now to a recap of December. Three items make this month noteworthy for us in this journey:

1. Oklahoma Outbreak. We can’t wait to join with BMA students and leaders next week for Outbreak. Outbreak has played a huge role in my life and my call to ministry. We are so excited to see how God continues to use this event to raise up more leaders for the church! Join us in praying for those who will attend.

2. Pleasant Hill. Our friends at Pleasant Hill in Blanchard have been a huge source of encouragement and support to us over the last few months. As many of you know, Richard Payne has some church planting experience. His continued work and support of our National BMA work is highly valued. His experience with church planting allows him to have a keen sense of the need of planters like us. I received a message from Richard last week that his church had voted to support our family with $300 per month! I can’t tell you how much this blessed our family! He also let us know that they are currently making plans for a fundraiser that will help us with our launch. We are so excited to see churches willing to get behind us and love to have churches who are part of this with us.

3. Mobly Family. I am thrilled to announce our first official team members, Thomas and Courtney Mobly. Thomas may be a familiar name to many of you because of his connection with Southgate Baptist Church. Thomas is the son of Mike and and was raised at Southgate until moving to Conway to attend Central Baptist College. While in Conway, Thomas met Courtney through the ministry of Antioch Baptist Church and in 2013, they were married. Thomas currently works for DiscipleGuide Resources in Conway and Courtney works as an elementary school teacher in Bigelow, AR. Thomas & Courtney will bring to our team several years of ministry with high school students as well as with adults through the home group ministry at Antioch. Thomas will work in a pastoral and leadership role with our church as a staff member. They are incredible leaders and have a heart to see churches planted across the globe. We are so excited that they have chosen to be part of this with us in OKC.