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It has been another exciting month! I am slowly realizing that as exciting as months may be, planting a church can also produce many days that also don’t feel like you are moving. While that is true and while many days do seem long and unproductive, we are confident that the Lord is at work and it is He who will bring growth to what he has called us to.

One aspect of this journey that excites and motivates us is the opportunity to meet and engage with other leaders. In November, I committed to coordinating 8 meetings over the next 8 months with leaders who serve in a variety of roles around Oklahoma. Our first meeting was with the director of a faith-based non-profit organization in Central Oklahoma. He is responsible and very experienced in the recruitment and training of volunteers to lead the different aspects of their ministry. One thing we know about church planting and ministry is that volunteers play a major role in the functioning of a church. From nursery to greeting team, churches rely on people to serve. We felt that we could benefit greatly from hearing from someone whose job it is to do just that. Chris offered so much insight on what it looked like to recruit and maintain volunteers. I look forward to sharing more about how these meetings and connections shape our knowledge and vision for this church plant.

We are currently in the process of working with an organization who specializes in collecting detailed demographic information on certain geographical areas. We have really begun to narrow our focus on just a couple of locations within Oklahoma City and are eager to learn more about the dynamic of these areas as it pertains to who we will be reaching and how to better relate with them. We believe that by the end of the year, we will have a much better idea on where we will center our focus and how you can pray for the people in a specific location.

We also have some exciting information about the “launch team” we asked you to pray about last month. Thomas and Courtney Mobly have announced that they will be moving back to Oklahoma City with us next Summer to be part of our team that will plant this church. Thomas is a lifelong friend of mine and, specifically over the last 8-10 years, we have served very closely in various ministry roles in Conway, Arkansas. Thomas and I moved to Conway in 2008 to attend Central Baptist College and I couldn’t be more excited to have him and Courtney join us again in Oklahoma City. Courtney is an elementary school teacher and has also been a very important leader in many of the ministries at her home church, Antioch Baptist Church. We are humbled and amazed by your prayers and the faithfulness God has displayed. We ask you that you continue to pray for this existing team, and for the others who will join us. Pray that Courtney Mobly would be able to find a teaching job in the area we move into and that the connections she makes with her job will allow her to share the love of Jesus.

I close with my sympathies for the Brady family. Bro. Brady had a profound impact on my life as a young man and God used his ministry, his faith and his humility to confirm my calling. I know this is also the case for many others and my hope is that many men will devote themselves to the Lord in the way he did. I am grateful to know who Bro. Brady placed his trust in and that he is now in a place where his passionately genuine faith has become sight.