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I want to start by expressing my gratitude to the churches of the BMA of Oklahoma as well as our State Missions Director, Gene Hankins, and the state advisory committee. Brother Gene is following the Lord in a bold and obedient way as he leads our state association into what God has called us all in to, planting churches. What I have seen about him is that he has embraced a posture of learning and humility to accomplish this calling to the best of his ability. he has welcomed input from our national association leaders time and time and again and has dealt with me with the utmost clarity and respect as I have also shared the desire to plant a church. Another special thanks to the advisory committee who has willingly given several hours over multiple days to review and discuss what is in store. They have also taken on the posture of their leader and served with excellence, understanding and humility. Lastly, a thanks to the the churches of the BMA who are also taking hold of this vision and, in faith, knowing that the Lord is going to bless and work mightily through the obedience of these churches and this association.

My wife Lynzie and I began talking about the possibility of planting a church before we were even married. In fact, on our first date in Little Rock, Arkansas, we turned to the same page right off the bat and understood that each of us knew about the other that we were called into ministry. As the years went by, a love for the Oklahoma City area grew bigger and clearer. In January of this year, we committed to praying about and actively pursuing opportunities to make it a reality. Through various conversations with Gene Hankins, we realized that this vision of planting churches was one that he had as well.

All of this to say that we are now 3 months into a 10-12 month residency with a sister church in Rogers, AR who will train and educate us as well as support us in our move to the OKC area. We are learning much in the experience. Grace Hills Church is a fairly young church and was planted in 2011. Being part of a church who has started that recently has served us well in our questions and our pursuit of seeing how things work in a church plant. Between moving our family of 6 to a new home in a new city, meeting new friends in our church and making frequent trips to Oklahoma, it has been a busy few months. We deeply believe that our time here will only prepare and better us for our time where we pray God has us for the rest of our lives.

We are currently praying for a few specific things and we would love to invite you to join us in prayer for:

  • God’s direction in a location – we love the entire Oklahoma City Metroplex and we want to impact the whole city, but we know we are in need of one specific area to target and plant our church.
  • Launch team – we are praying today about the people who will be part of the team that plants this church. This team will meet people, share the Gospel with their neighbors and invite them to church. This team will be a vital part of our church from day one.
  • The Lost – ultimately, we desire to share the Gospel with others and for them to trust and follow Christ. That’s why we are doing what we are doing! Did you know there are lost people in Oklahoma? Let’s pray for them together.

I look forward to submitting monthly updates and reports on what we are doing and how we are preparing for this opportunity. I would love to connect with you on Facebook or via email.