I had the privilege to spend a day with Bro. Steve Puckett in Norman getting to see his heart for Norman.  He shared that half of the population of Norman live in apartments and these contain the people that he has been trying to reach. They are enjoying the new building and looking forward to how God is going to use them in their new location.  They have developed a good discipling program and are using it to teach their new members.

Along with Bro. David Langley, I had the privilege of meeting with Bro. Mark Nickolson and talk about Streetlight Ministries.  He has up to twenty-five people that are meeting in his home in Kellyville and they are stepping up to the next level by looking at renting a place to meet on Sunday mornings.  God is blessing their work.  It’s great to see the possibility of a new church starting from this!

Bro. David Langley shared with me about the new Hispanic group that is meeting in their church.  They liked our church literature and wonder if there was a church that would like to donate their old literature for them to use in Sunday School.  If your church would like to do this, please contact Bro. David.  Thanks.

Please pray that God will help us start more churches in Oklahoma!  Until He comes, we need to be busy about His work!

PS.  Bro. Barry McLead’s report will be included with next month’s report.  He had surgery to remove the rest of His cancer.  He did want to note that there were three people that were saved through your truckstop ministry during the month of December.

Please contact me if I can be of service in any way.

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