Grace Harbor Church

June 2023 Report

"June was slammed full!"
Post Date: 6/30/2023
Author: Nathan Brewer

June was slammed full as you’d expect. We held our annual Party at the Park, this year for the first time on a Sunday for lunch. We had well over 200 people come through and our church had a wonderful time in fellowship with one another and meeting new neighbors, many new to the community.We organized a transportation ministry with some of our refugee neigbors, and took about 15 students each day to school. Seeing our folks organize to provide this ministry to them was a real joy, and has led to some really great and exciting opportunities that I cannot share in this space. Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to hear at took 10 students to BMA Kids Camp in Binger last week and had a wonderful time. We are very excited that our church is now able to participate in these events and that the Lord has added to our number in this way.I have the privilege to share on the stage next week at the BMA SOAR Conference in Dallas, TX and the following week, GH will be hosting our second Summer Club.

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