Grace Harbor November 2022

This past month we experienced something amazing. After nearly 6 months of building relationships with Afghan-Muslim neigbors, we had several step into our Sunday gathering through the month, and around three who joined us for our thanksgiving dinner that our church holds every November. This month, many Muslims heard the Gospel and experienced the love of Christ through our church welcoming and showing hospitality to them.

I have asked another three of my Muslim neigbors(who were not with us in our gathering) if they would be interested in reading and studying the Bible with me. They have all indicated that they are open to this! I have a an afghan friend who is planting a church in OKC among afghans, and he has supplies us with Bibles in their language that they will be able to understand.

We are praying that as the holidays approach, we would be able to see and welcome more afghans, and the Lord would open their hearts to questions to ask, and the message we will share with them.

We are heading into year 6 as a church, and are so grateful for how the Lord has provided for us every step of the way. Pray that our ministry would be fruitful and that we would continue to be faithful in our desire to make disciples!

Nathan Brewer & Thomas Mobly
Grace Harbor Church
11300 N Council Rd

Oklahoma City OK 73162