New Generation September 2022

Greetings again from Norman, Oklahoma. I hope that things are going well in your area of ministry. We are extending our efforts in outreach here. We were part of an outreach called Operation Andrew where we knocked between 150-200 doors. Many of course were not home however we were able to make many contacts.  We had two teams who were involved and were able to share the gospel a few times. Chris’s team had one profession of faith. During the outreach while visiting in some areas we noticed that it seemed to be very spiritually dark, like a demonic oppression. We noticed especially in this one area that a young man who came to the door was dressed in women’s clothing and nail polish. As he opened the door, a rush of marijuana smell hit us in the face. I sure hope that Oklahoma does not approve recreational marijuana use in the future. We have enough problems without adding that to them.

Chris and I were able to attend the BMACO meeting at Grace Harbor in Oklahoma City recently. It was a great time of fellowship with brothers in Christ from other churches. One thing that we talked about was the shortage of young preachers to fill the pulpits of some of our churches which are in decline. Please pray about this issue.

Below is an excerpt from Chris’s monthly report:

……we are also thankful for the wonderful couple, Larry and Cathy from FBC Norman, who supported the efforts of our church in this campaign (outreach).  With Larry and Cathy, I had the opportunity to share the gospel with a young man named Jordan, a kind soul, who ended up praying to receive Christ!  Please pray that he really gets rooted in his relationship with God and that our follow up efforts are successful with him!  I think that what we learned is that Norman is still hard soil, but there are still some of the Lord’s sheep out there to find and there are plenty of prospective homes in Norman that are ready for us to visit (with many families working from home these days.)

We have also begun men’s and women’s bible studies.  I am leading the men’s group and Sue is leading the women’s group through the book of 1 John on Wednesday nights and the Lord has added a few individuals to our number in each of these groups.  Please pray for Robert and Steve (the two men that joined us for the first session) that they will continue coming to services and bible studies and grow stronger in their faith.  Please also pray for Natalie who was baptized at our church over the summer and has been faithfully attending services.  She just came down with COVID, so please pray for her speedy recovery! 

………. a couple that attended our church a few years ago have returned and have also attended bible study.  We are seeking to be a firm, but supportive Christian family that will help them remain clean from drug addiction.  Please pray for continuous victory so they can be the example to others struggling to overcome addictions in Norman.

Thank you all again for the spiritual and monetary support. You are making a difference through your ministry at New Generation Baptist Church. 

Steve & Lynn Puckett
724 Fairway Dr. 
Norman, OK 73069 
Cell – 405 570-8325

Chris Lorenz 
Cell – 405 226-4111

Luis & Melissa Santos 
Cell – 832 513-3505