Grace Harbor September 2022

We enjoyed being able to host the BMA Central Meeting at Grace Harbor earlier this month and being able to share how God has been faithful in providing for us this space. It really was a special time not only in opening our space for this but for being able to allow the other men of our association to see how God is working in our part of the city. 

We are having our 5-year birthday celebration in two weeks at Grace Harbor and can’t believe it has already been 5 years. We want to take time that day to look back on what God has done, and prepare ourselves to be obedient in how God continues to lead us. Just over the last few months, God has allowed our paths to cross with people from so many backgrounds, many of whom are not followers of Christ. We want to grow in our ability to reach them and share the Gospel plainly and clearly. As we shared with the association a few weeks ago, we would greatly appreciate and invite you to pray for those we are walking with in the Afghan refugee community, and that we begin to see Afghans come to Christ.