Grace Harbor August 2022

August was a surprisingly, unusually low key month. Typically as many of you know, August is when the busy really kicks in and things get rolling, but for us, it was a special month of our folks getting to connect with one another and practice hospitality with others and neighbors. We are currently preaching through the Lord’s Prayer, and our church is seeking to honor the Lord and draw near to him in prayer, and in fasting. We believe that these are things Jesus exemplified for us, and that the early disciples and the early church took very seriously. For some reason, this seems to be a challenge for many today, including us at Grace Harbor. These are the areas we spending time and focus on in this particular season of ministry, so that we may honor Christ, and know him more deeply.

We are praying that God will increase our passions and efforts in evangelism and seeing more people in our community come to know Christ.

Our community groups kick back off in two weeks on Sunday, September 11!