Grace Harbor June 2022

As is the case for many churches, June was a full and fun month. Summer has officially begun and events are in full swing. I just returned home from two straight weeks of travel. Last week, Grace Harbor took a group of 20 students and adults to Cedar Hills for BMA Kids Camp. It was a tremendous week together where many kids grew in their faith, and many heard the Gospel. We didn’t have any decisions made in our group, but our kids were greatly challenged, and we are praying for them to come to know the Lord. This past week, my wife and I traveled to Dallas for the BMA SOAR Conference. We didn’t take any students, but I had the opportunity to lead a breakout session at the conference. 

We are still in consistent fellowship and communication with our Afghan neighbors, and I am weekly in one of their homes sharing a meal with them. They have recently been able to purchase a car and have begun attending a Mosque for weekly worship on Fridays. I have been able to share with them, despite great language barriers, that I pray to Jesus Christ and that my sins have been forgiven by Jesus. When sharing the Gospel with Muslims, the greatest and simplest truth that resonates with them is that sins can be forgiven. I’ve been successful in sharing with them this statement: “Jesus Christ forgave my sins.” It is amazing how simple and profound the basic and most essential truths of the Gospel are. 

I am praying that this simple, life-changing truth will be one that is able to stick in their hearts and will lead to many, many more conversations.