Grace Harbor May 2022

May was quite an exciting and eventful month. We welcomed 4 new covenant members into our church, and baptized one lady at our Family Sunday service.  Last weekend, we hosted our annual Summer Park Event in the local park, and saw around 100 folks come through. Prior to this event, our folks went through a night of training and encouragement in sharing their faith with the lost and praying for the needs of those we would come in contact with at the park. At the event, several folks had the opportunity to share the Gospel with people they came in contact with.

Another really exciting development is that we have been able to come in contact with a community of Afghan Refugees living in very close proximity to our church. There are about 5 Afghan families that we have the chance to meet who were forced to flee from Afghanistan in August of 2021. Each of these families have several children. I have personally been able to spend a lot of time with each of them, both in their homes(in a nearby apartment complex) and in taking them to the park and the grocery store. There is a language barrier that makes communication a challenge, but God opens doors both through allowing technology to help communicate, and one of their 10 year sons having a familiarity with the English language. Each of these families are devout Muslim families, and it is clear that our mission with them is to find ways to speak and share the Gospel with them. They are incredibly generous and hospitable, so there are doors being opened!