Grace Harbor April 2022

Grace Harbor had a great day celebrating the resurrection of Christ this past month. We had several first time guests, with a few who have since returned for visits. Two weeks after Easter, we had a family Sunday where we welcomed 4 new covenant members to our church body, welcomed one new baby, and baptized one young lady who began following Christ a few years ago at Grace Harbor. This past month, we also began a financial course that one of our folks is leading, with a desire to equip people in our church and community with the tools they need to understand and utilize money. We have a group of men on Wednesday mornings who continue to meet for discipleship in studying God’s Word together. That has now been going for two years and we average about 8 men per weeks.

Later this month, we have our Summer park event that we do each Summer. We are shifting our focus and energy this year to a intentional and focused opportunity for evangelism and prayer. We are hoping to have an individual come facilitate an evangelism training class for our groups who will then be equipped and prepared to share the Gospel at this park event. We are praying to see folks come to know Christ, and I am eager to share an update from that one month from now!