Grace Harbor March 2022

March was a very busy month, for great reason and challenging reasons. I’m sure I am not alone as a pastor or church member who currently feels the weight and reality of the heaviness many of our folks are experiencing. This may be something I have written on before, but it is hard not to as God has called me primarily to be an under-shepherd for the flock he has gathered at Grace Harbor. We have many who are personally walking though prolonged seasons of illness, as well as those who are directly involved with caring for family members who are dealing with intense illness. As challenging as this is to see our folks having to endure, our church has just been so wonderful in caring for one another. Not all of the opportunities to serve are because of illness, but also because of new babies being born(we have had two additions in the last two months). 

On a more positive note, we had several visit us in the month of March. We have had roughly 15 folks visit in the last month, and nearly half of them have been with us multiple weeks since their first visit. We have 4 new covenant members joining our church at the end of April, and are praying the Lord continues to add to our number.