New Generation February 2022

Greetings from Norman, Oklahoma. Things are going well here, except for the cold weather we have experienced. We are making some improvements on the building, painting and new flooring. We have also been able to add some additional restrooms and storage. We now have the capability to have more people in the building for training, meetings, etc. 

We have plans to start a Wednesday evening service soon. Brother Luis Santos will start us off initially.  Our Sunday morning services consist of teaching at 9:30 and singing and preaching beginning at 10:30. If you are not involved in a Sunday evening service you are welcome to come and join us at 5:00 for preaching and then a time of prayer. 

In the near future we plan to ordain brothers Chris and Luis. We also have the hope that this mission will be able to form into a New Testament church soon. We would ask for you prayers in this regard. 

Here is an excerpt from Chris’s monthly report:  

We just finished the EE “Partners in Discipleship” book with a small group this past week, which is a nice, foundational discipleship book for new believers. I’m glad that Natalie and her sister Evelyn have been participating, as well as a few others who are newer to the church – Lydia and Taraz.  Our discipleship efforts with new believers started last summer with Lee, and since then there has been an ongoing discipleship group consisting of some of our regular attendees, new believers, and visitors from outside the church, studying nearly the full gamut of evangelism and discipleship material together offered by the ministry of Evangelism Explosion.   

Please continue to support and pray for the ministry here. Our attendance continues to hold steady with maybe even a slight increase. We are still reaching out-of-state folks in Arizona and Nevada.

Please continue to support and pray for the ministry here. Our attendance has been up the last few weeks which seems to be different than most churches are experiencing. If you know of any other people that you think might enjoy this newsletter, please send me their email address and I’ll try to include them in the future or feel free to forward this to them. As always, pray for revival.

Steve & Lynn Puckett, Representing Christ in Norman Oklahoma  

724 Fairway Dr. 

Norman, OK 73069 

Cell – 405 570-8325 

Chris Lorenz 

Cell – 405 226-4111