New Generation January 2022

This is an excerpt from Chris’s monthly report: 

We’re kicking off a new year still doing what we know how to do best – evangelism and discipleship – I don’t think we know how to do anything different, but thankfully this is God’s plan for the church!  This past week I had the opportunity to share the gospel with a man named Brian at Mission Norman.  Brian has had his struggles, including homelessness, but through a mental health program, he was able to receive housing after three years of living on the streets.  We know that providing housing isn’t the greatest need that people have – this is only a “Band – Aid” that does not ultimately solve the problem.  We know, of course, that the greatest need that people have is Jesus!  Thankfully, on Thursday, Brian received Jesus as his Lord and Savior and wants to visit church this Sunday! Please pray for him that he has truly begun a relationship with the LORD and becomes rooted and grounded in Him. 

God is certainly giving us a front row seat to what He’s doing in the lives of the needy.  Another example is Natalie and her sister Evelyn.  When Natalie was a teenager, she was involved in a terrible car wreck on the highway that caused the vehicle to roll.  She was not wearing her seatbelt and tragically, was thrown from the vehicle on the side of the highway. Miraculously, Natalie survived, but she has undergone countless reconstructive surgeries and has been experiencing homelessness with her sister for years as well.  Recently, one of her doctors was very gracious to pledge at least 6 months rent for her and her sister just before this last brutal cold snap that we had.  Local charities have also fully furnished their apartment.  Praise God! 

I’ve enjoyed getting to see what God is doing in Natalie and Evelyn’s life, not only providing for their physical needs, but their spiritual needs as well.  Although Natalie has had a bad experience with a church in the past, she seems to have found her home in our church, with her and Evelyn faithfully attending all three services on Sunday as well as the discipleship group on Wednesday nights. 

In answer to our prayers, God has been adding to our number those who are being saved! Not only Natalie and Evelyn, but Taraz and Lee, who became new believers in the last 6 months through the ministry of New Generation, have committed themselves to the discipleship care of our little church.   

God keeps saving souls, bringing them to us, which is a great encouragement!  Please pray for the strength and perseverance we need to continue this work the LORD has called us to and that 2022 will be the most fruitful year yet!

I told you the story in the last newsletter about the salvation of an 86-year-old cousin of mine. Well, he recently passed away. I hope that through this loss I will be able to minister to this family in the upcoming weeks, months… 

Please continue to support and pray for the ministry here. Our attendance has been up the last few weeks which seems to be different than most churches are experiencing. If you know of any other people that you think might enjoy this newsletter, please send me their email address and I’ll try to include them in the future or feel free to forward this to them. As always, pray for revival.

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